Visiting Thailand for the First Time

When first-time world travelers ask around for ideal places to visit, Thailand is usually included in the recommendations. This is for a very good reason. There are a lot of beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, but Thailand is one of the most tourist-friendly ones out there. The country is rightfully the gateway tourist spot for many backpackers and travel adventurers, as the country is full of exciting surprises but still very approachable for novice travelers.


However, as with any travel destination, it is not smart to just jump in with both feet without any preparations or considerations. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when visiting Thailand for the first time. These include:


When to Visit


Technically, you can visit Thailand any time of the year. But depending on your preferences or predisposition, there are specific months where that will make your time in the country more fulfilling. Most tourists visit Thailand in the period between October to April, so if you want to mingle with a lot of fellow travelers, this is the ideal time. Tourists can expect some rain and really hot weather over the summer months, which could be uncomfortable for people (especially the elderly or those with health problems), but this is also the time when you can get a lot of discounts and bargains on tours and hotels. There are also specific months that you must target if you want to experience certain holidays—Loi Krathong or the Lantern Festival in October and November, or Songkran around April.


What Do You Wear in Thailand


Thailand is a tropical country with a warm climate all throughout the year, so there’s really no need to carry heavy, warm clothing. But do take note of the fact that there are temples in the country that require men and women’s shoulders and knees to be covered. This also applies to the Grand Palace in Bangkok.


While the country does have rainy seasons, you can easily buy an umbrella or a coat if needed from their markets. Basic amenities like these can be found at convenience stores, particularly those that are near tourist spots. In terms of fashion, you will be surprised at the brands that you can buy at Bangkok’s malls. They have popular names from the west all the way to the east. If you want locally-made clothes, the markets are also a great place to visit. Assuming that you have a knack for bartering, you will find a great many deals on decent clothes.


What to Expect in Terms of Activities and Places


And then we get to the important part: what kind of things can you get up to when you visit Thailand? As expected of a country with a warm climate and a large number of islands, your best options for a getaway in the country are beaches, islands, luxury resorts, and all the good things that come with it. These include the best fresh seafood you will ever taste in a long time, and an overwhelming amount of options for outdoors activity ranging from water sports to rock climbing, and everything in between. Thailand also has a bustling nightlife and a veritable smorgasbord of street food, for travelers with an exotic taste.

Thailand Temple

Whatever you need to do, Thailand is the perfect place to cut your teeth as a world traveler. It has everything that you’d want in terms of fun and education, and it’s also welcoming to people who still have a lot to learn. Consider making Thailand your first stop before venturing out into other popular tourist destinations.