Tour Adelaide Without Breaking the Bank

Tourists who want to see the very best of South Australia will naturally point to its capital city, Adelaide, as a great starting point. There’s a lot of sights and sounds to experience, and being the fifth most densely populated city in the country means that there’s also plenty of people to meet, both in terms of local and fellow travelers. Unfortunately, Adelaide isn’t exactly the destination for people who want to travel the world on the cheap. Staying in Adelaide for a while can cost you, so what happens when you run out of funds – do you pack up and go home?


No. There’s plenty to do in Adelaide even if your wallet is already stretched thin. Here are some tips on how you can make what little money you have last in South Australia’s capital city:


Free Bus Ride


There are two free “city loop” bus services in Adelaide, which allow commuters to ride to and fro in opposite directions without paying anything. Any traveler that wants to get to meet the city in its purest form will do well to take these buses as they offer a close encounter with the city and will even let you rub shoulders with other travelers and helpful locals.


Pedal Pushing Tour


Adelaide also has the “Adelaide Free Bikes” program, which allows people to rent a bike along with a helmet and other accessories, in exchange for nothing but a valid photo ID as deposit. Pedaling your way around the city not only gets you a scenic tour, but also gives you some much needed exercise!


Appreciate Art and History


Adelaide’s Central Business District has two important cultural hotspots: the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum. Travelers can visit and take in all the culture of the city’s storied history without spending anything, as long as they resist the temptation to stop for coffee or lunch at one of the cafes (which, admittedly, will be difficult test of willpower.) These museums are also great for meeting other fellow travelers. While I was the South Australian Museum, I met a wonderful young lady who lives in California and whose father provides general contractor palm desert services and needs to everyone in the city and surrounding cities they live near. It was great to meet a fellow travelers and exchange small talk. We plan to stay in touch in the future.


If All Else Fails, Walk


Last but not the least, you can’t beat the joy of simply strolling and hiking. And Adelaide City Countil offers a downloadable “Adelaide City Explorer” self-guided walking tour on their official site, free of charge. It consists of 19 themed trails that will take travelers through historic pubs, public art, and the best sights that the city has on offer.